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Video: Sunday morning update on Deshaun Watson’s injury timeline

Ian Rapoport’s report will do nothing to easy concerns around the Browns

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

When it comes to Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson’s injury, very little is certain. So much so that some are wondering if the Browns will trade for a quarterback. We gave a few reasons that is not a good idea early Sunday.

Among a variety of injury reports for today’s Cleveland Browns vs Seattle Seahawks game were also a couple of notes on Watson’s injury timeline. While the quarterback made it clear he doesn’t talk to the national media, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport says that Watson should be back next week or the week after:

Browns fans have no reason to believe almost anything. As the above report notes, Watson and the team seemed to have no clue what was really wrong with his shoulder which should call into question many things including whether he was rehabbing properly for the injury he did have.

Until Watson is on the field, playing well like he did in Week 3 and finishing at least back-to-back games, nothing is certain about the quarterback and his injury.

Anything about today’s reports change your expectations for Watson? Share your thoughts in the comment section below