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Browns, Seahawks Sunday AM injury updates

Jerome Ford, Tyler Lockett news could impact today, Deshaun Watson’s is longer term

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

For the Cleveland Browns and Seattle Seahawks, Week 8 could be the start of something big or the start of a grind to meet their goals. Barring a tie, one of the teams will move to an impressive 5-2 while the other will drop to 4-3.

The difference is only one game in a 17-game season but the difference is huge at this stage of the game.

Injuries play a huge role for teams through the NFL year and the Browns vs Seahawks is no different. QB Deshaun Watson won’t play while Seattle could rely on Jason Peters, the oldest active player in the league, due to injuries.

Cleveland has four players listed as questionable for the game while the home team has two. Overnight and into Sunday morning we received a couple of updates on those injuries starting with Browns RB Jerome Ford:

Sounds like this one will be a game-time decision with the team being cautious. With Cleveland’s bye week already come and gone, the front office and coaching staff may need to play it safe, especially with injuries that can get worse.

There was also an update for the Seahawks on WR Tyler Lockett which confirmed what HC Pete Carroll had said late in the week:

There also were multiple reports that Watson will not be placed on injured reserve which means he should return in the next four games:

Schefter reported something similar with a note that it's “unlikely that it’s longer than two weeks.”

We will have the inactive report 90 minutes before the game, around 2:30 PM EST, with official decisions on the 6 questionable and 1 doubtful players for both teams today