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NFL trade deadline: Deshaun Watson’s injury impacts Browns decisions

Rumors have been slow so far around the deadline but the Browns roster might not change much

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

When it comes to Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson the answer to most questions are “We don’t know.”

  • How bad is his injury?
  • When can he return?
  • Will he ever be the guy he was in Houston?
  • Will he ever live up to the trade and contract?

We don’t know.

Based on Watson’s comments this week, it seems that he and the team don’t know much about the injury’s timeline. With the NFL trade deadline around the corner (Tuesday, October 31st), GM Andrew Berry might have difficult decisions.

So far, NFL rumors have been minimal, not just about the Browns but around the league. There is an expectation that trades could happen, including with running backs, but we are unlikely to hear real rumors until Sunday night going into Monday.

For Berry, Watson’s injury muddies the waters of the NFL trade deadline.

If Watson as healthy, and playing even mediocre football, adding a running back, wide receiver and/or offensive lineman would make a ton of sense, for the right price. With no timetable for Watson’s return, and his poor performance most of the year (all but Week 3), it is likely that no move really moves the needle for the team.

Does trading away one of the few picks the team has in the first four rounds worth raising the team’s potential from “could make the playoffs” to “could make the playoffs” worth it?

With the play of the team’s defense, Cleveland could be in every game they play. With the playoff of the team’s offense, the ceiling for this Browns group is pretty clear as well.

Given the team’s limited draft capital next year (we get to stop saying that starting in 2025) and their limited cap space (that will be true for awhile longer), making a trade to barely impact the team’s playoff and championship odds seems fruitless. That doesn’t mean Berry shouldn’t swap a late-round pick to add a marginal talent but any meaningful trades will likely be impacted by how Watson is doing on Monday and early Tuesday of next week.

Given the uncertainty around Watson, what do you think the Browns should do at the NFL trade deadline?